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Our Community

A Hidden Gem

Ryde is a small hamlet nestled among lakes and woods, located 22 km east from the town of Gravenhurst.  Gravenhurst’s population is about 10,220.

Many people drive along Hwy 11 past Gravenhurst not even realizing that the beauty of Ryde exists.  We are a close-knit community; with many families who have lived here for generations and new families that want this kind of environment for their family.

Although our year-round population is only 1,100, we have an influx of growth to about 7,800 when our summer cottagers come to spend their time on our local waterways. Two of our bigger lakes are Kahshe Lake and Riley Lake. Smaller Bass Lake is within easy walking distance of the church and has a public beach.

Most of our needs; professional, groceries etc are met in Gravenhurst. Our children attend primary and high school in Gravenhurst.

We have the Summerland General Store 2.9 km south of the church. It has a small grocery, hardware and dining area and is a popular meeting place for locals and cottages and visitors alike.

 The Ryde Co-op is also part of our community, located 2.7 km north of the church.  It is a co-operative community centre run 100% by volunteers.  It has weekly and monthly programs as well as activities such as community BBQ.s, potluck dinners and educational seminars.

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