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What to Expect on Sunday

We meet on Sunday mornings as a part of our regular worship together as a community. For many people, this is their first interaction with our church in a formal sense - and we want you to feel completely welcome!

Our Worship Service is at 11:00 a.m. and is usually an hour long.


Children stay with their parents for the first part of the worship service and then, following the children’s story, go downstairs with volunteer teachers for Sunday School.


We are a multi-generational church, and so you'll find a mix of modern worship songs (MP4’s) and traditional hymns (acoustic instruments – piano, violin and guitars) at our worship services.


You are encouraged to feel comfortable when worshiping with us.  Some people prefer being “dressed up” for Sunday worship while others dress casually. Please be aware that RCFMC is a fragrance-free environment.


Everyone is welcome to bring their own Bible, but we also have pew copies (NIV version) available for your use.


The Bulletin, which you will receive at the entrance to the sanctuary, tells you what will happen during the service. Prior to the service a PowerPoint presentation shows the announcements for the week. During the service all announcements, songs, hymns, and scripture readings will be on our projector screen at the front of the sanctuary.

Call to Worship – Our service opens with a scripture verse which calls us to turn from worldly distractions and set our minds, hearts, and attention on the glory of God.

Hymns & Songs – We are a small congregation that loves to sing.  There are hymns and songs throughout the worship service. Singing is one of the ways in which we express our love towards God with our whole being.

Prayer of Invocation – The Pastor will give a prayer of invocation, requesting the spiritual presence of God in our worship service.

Welcome & Announcements – The Pastor will welcome our visitors and pass on news that the congregation won’t want to miss about things in the church and in the community.

The Offering – A monitory offering is collected to support the work of the church. There is no set amount; people give as they are able. This supports our congregation (maintaining the building, providing programs, paying the Pastor), and the work of the church around the world through our national church’s giving streams. This offering is not mandatory.

Praise & Prayer Requests – The Pastor opens praise & prayer requests to the congregation.  Once all the Praise and requests have been presented, the Pastor will give time for anyone in the congregation to pray and then bring this time to a close.

Children’s Time – “Time for our children and the child in us”. A short children’s story, object lesson or illustration is given by the Pastor just prior to the children going downstairs to Sunday School.  This message compliments the theme of the service. 

Scripture Reading – Faith comes by the hearing of the word of God.  Thus, the Bible was meant to be read aloud.  Scripture reading is integrated into the worship service just prior to the sermon. It is a reminder to us that we have come to hear God’s voice.

Sermon - The pastor will give a sermon of approximately 20 minutes.  Its purpose is to bring the Word of God to the congregation; to faithfully explain what it says and make clear its meaning.

Closing Prayer & Benediction – The Pastor will deliver a short prayer to close the worship service and a benediction to pronounce a blessing of God on the congregation and to ask for guidance in the days to come.

Communion - is served numerous times a year, but not every Sunday. For those who choose to participate, our table is open to all who confess Jesus Christ as their Lord.  We believe the bread and juice offered are symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus.



We have several pot luck lunches during the year.We gather to share lunch and fellowship. It’s there for everyone and you don’t have to be a member to join in.

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