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To glorify the Lord, encourage people to come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, equip and train them through prayer and God's Word, and thus fulfill Christ's Great Commission.


We aspire to have Christ alive in us and to bring Christ to others!

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Biblical Teaching

The Bible is inspired by God and is the divinely authoritative Word of God.  The Bible is both timeless and timely, relevant to the needs of all people at all times.  It is a guide that shows us how to live.

Inspiring Worship

Inspired by the word of God, our worship services engage in prayer, singing, hearing the word and giving.  We find joy in having people of all ages worshipping together.  Through this weekly worship we are reminded to keep God in our lives every day.

Children & Youth

We value our children and youth and see them not only as the future, but as a significant part of the church right now.  Through our Sunday School and Youth Group, our goal is to raise passionate followers of Christ.

Connecting with our Community

Our community is active and ever-changing, and we seek to respond accordingly.  We believe in real “face time”. We encourage one another to go out and meet our neighbours, in a kind, loving and welcoming manner, always seeking to conduct ourselves in a christian manner. 

Global Missions

Through weekly prayer and supporting the Free Methodist Church in Canada by donating to their giving streams we are involved in touching our world. These donations enable support for our Canadian missionaries, allows us to reach into unreached parts of the world, provide training for their local leaders and to share our resources with the poor and disenfranchised.

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